The US in the Western Balkans, election date published, the US ambassador visits Prince Leka, COVID figures, the US on the investment climate and the Albanian fight against money laundering.

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Serbian and Kosovo leaders signed a “landmark agreement” on mainly economic issues on Friday September 4. at the White House, see picture above, – which President Trump called a historic move forward in relations. Read on…..
You can also read a critical BIRN analysis of the agreement here.

2021 general elections.
The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, decreed on Sunday September 6. the date of the parliamentary elections. Thus, the general elections will be held on Sunday 25 April 2021.

The US ambassador to Albania visits Crown Prince Leka II Zogu. 
From Prince Lekas comments on facebook: …Certainly we did not leave untouched the topics of current issues such as the delicate and dynamic political climate of the country. Albania will hold elections next year therefore stability and peace are essential. The democratic process is of particular importance as Albania aims and must see its future within the European Union.
Read about the Albanian Royal family here.

WHO Europe info of 14.09.2020 10.00 on Albania and Denmark:
More WHO info here:

Official Albanian COVID19 info:
1. Ministry of Health and Social protection
2. Anti COVID 19 measures.
3. The Diplomatic representations
4. Tirana Airport
5. Tirana Airport updates.

US State Department on investments in Albania:

From the report: To address endemic corruption, the Government of Albania  passed sweeping constitutional amendments to reform the country’s judicial system and improve the rule of law in 2016. The implementation of judicial reform is underway, including the vetting of judges and prosecutors for unexplained wealth.  More than half the judges and prosecutors who have undergone vetting have been dismissed for unexplained wealth or organized crime ties. The EU expects Albania to show progress on prosecuting judges and prosecutors whose vetting revealed possible criminal conduct. The implementation of the judicial reform is ongoing, and its completion is expected to improve the investment climate in the country. Find the whole executive summary here.

Money laundering, the fight against….

Please find the link of the information on the Albanian new rules for the identification and declaration of the last beneficial owner in the capital companies and in general in the legal entities that have the obligation to be registered in the business register (NBC). Read on… 

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