Rama on the EU corona policy, great WHO corona map, Olive oil, Albanian wine, medical tourism and 919 years Danish – Albanian contacts.

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The corona plaque is more or less taking its toll on all of us. Not only economically but also socially. But that does not stop the Consulate newsletter!  

….and right he is, unfortunately.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has blamed domestic politics in European countries for the closure of borders with the Balkans amidst the corona-virus pandemics. In the specific case of Albania, Rama blamed his government’s “very transparent” daily reports on new COVID-19 cases.
In an interview with German newspaper BILD while on holidays in southern Albania, Rama dismissed allegations that COVID-19 numbers in Albania and the Balkans would affect Germany or the EU.    

“I don’t think that the Balkan states pose a threat to Germany or any other country in the European Union, because ultimately the numbers speak for themselves. It’s not about high numbers or numbers that are threatening to anyone.” Read on….

WHO COVID-19 map from Monday 24.08.2020 at 10.00.

Denmark and Albania are on the same COVID – 19 level. Read on.

Olive oil wholesale in Albania – info and suppliers

Oldest  Albanian olive tree (about 3.000 years)

Olive trees have been grown in the Mediterranean countries since 8Th millennium BC. Olive oil is one of the three core food plants in the Mediterranean, along with wheat and grapes. Read on.








Medical tourism to Albania

Even though still humble in the international health care market, Albania has started to attract more and more tourists each year. Medical tourist arrivals in Albania doubled during 2019. Read on…




A few Albanian wineries








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Finally. If you are interested in Albanian – Danish relations and contacts since 1081, do not miss this link.

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