Digital export meeting in DAF, The Danish – Albanian Association

Dear friend,

You are hereby invited to

The first Teams meeting about Albanian export to Denmark / Scandinavia.

Date: Thursday April 20. 2023

Time: 16.30 – 18.00.

Organizer: DAF – Danish Albanian Association.

Moderator. Hans – Georg Nielsen, Chairman of DAF

The meeting will be on the Teams platform.

You will receive the Teams invitation by e-mail 24 hours before the event.

The language is English.

The participant from AIDA will be:

Ms.Sara Zotaj- Head of After Care Sector;

Ms. Albana Zykaj- Head of SMEs and Export Sector;

Ms. Enejda Muzaka- Specialist at SMEs and Export Sector;

We invite a few Danish experts and interested members of DAF.

Main topics:

1. Welcome remarks by the DAF Chairman

2. About AIDA

3. The Danish food market in brief.

4. Export barriers in Albania – how can Albanian producers compete?

5. Logistics, quality and quantity challenges

6. Promotion of Albanian products in Denmark

7. The next steps

Last, but not least. Please confirm your participation.

Kind regards

The DAF Board.

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