Restoration of buildings, An Albanian invitation to Denmark for verification, a firm Swedish yes, a Danish novel and Albanian Christmas traditions.

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Dear reader,

In the last Newsletter focus was on the Danish, French and Dutch no to opening of EU membership negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania. Fortunately it seems that Albania can expect a more positive EU Consilium decision in spring 2020 based on a new German – French understanding.

Vlora AlbanienBut life is more than politics. Each day a lot is improving in Albania. The capital has been changing to a fascinating metropolis during the last decade  and the cities of the country are following. Let´s take Vlora as an example. A major part of the old center is being renovated bringing many old buildings back to new glory. Se top picture. More about developments in Vlora here.






An invitation:

Albansk Parlament formandMany Danes contacting the consulate admit that they know very little about Albania and the Albanians. Of course the best way to become a connoisseur of the country and its people is to pay Albania a visit. This may be the reason why the President of the Albanian parliament Mr. Gramoz Ruci (picture), according to a press statement from parliament of November 10. will invite his colleagues in France, The Netherlands and Denmark to pay Albania a visit, as it reads “… order to closely verify Albania´s achievements in meeting the integration standards”.


Sweden says yes.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde met on November 19 with Prime Minister Edi Rama, Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj, and Democratic Party Chair Lulzim Basha to discuss the ongoing reform process and to reaffirm the close relations between Albania and Sweden. Furthermore, they spoke about the domestic political situation and Albania’s upcoming OSCE Chairmanship. In a press conference with the Acting MEFA, she called for political dialogue between the parties to further advance the European Union (EU) integration reform agenda. In the same press conference, acting MEFA Cakaj thanked Sweden for their unswerving support to the launching of membership talks between the EU and Albania.


As Christmas is closing in we have a suggestion to our Danish readers:

Claudia Westh Lonning har skrevet den historiske roman “Skakmesteren fra Tirana”. Romanen foregår dels i Albanien og dels i Jul Albanien
Danmark fra tiden under Anden Verdenskrig og op til i dag. Hvis du ikke har læst den, eller mangler du en julegave, så kører forlaget lige nu en kampagne med et godt tilbud.

Se mere om tilbuddet på



About Christmas in Albania:

Jul Albanien 1Read what Lithuanian on – the – ground expert Kerry Kubilius writes about Christmas in Albania. Non Albanians will be amazed. Click here.





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Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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