Read about the French, Danish and Dutch “no”. Will they change their mind? And if so, when and with what result?

Edi Hila: Harabel

Dear reader,

I think the painting by famous Albanian painter Edi Hila reflects the mood of many Albanians, the EU commission and Parliament  after the French, Danish and Dutch no to the start of Membership negotiations. What is a set of rules, a clear promise and a handshake?

As a comfort you may enjoy the thoughts of the EU Parliament on enlargement of the European Union below. Click on picture and read:

Furthermore: The US on the “historic mistake”.
The US aims to push France to lift its veto on Western Balkans enlargement to correct a “historic mistake”, a senior diplomat has said.
“America wants the Western Balkans to have a European perspective and will do everything in its power to persuade the European Union to change its position before the next EU leaders’ meeting in Zagreb in May,” the US special envoy to the region, Matthew Palmer, said in Belgrade on November 4..

Talking about solidarity….

A Norwegian model for the Balkans?

Rumors are mounting in the media that the EU Concilium (Council of Ministers) will focus on a Norwegian model for the Balkans at the latest on the planned meeting in May 2020 in Zagreb. So what is the Norwegian model. Read more here.

So dear reader, the show must go on. The consulate is proud to announce that we got a brand new website. The purpose of course is to promote Albania to Danes, especially potential private and commercial investors. Please click here..

By the way, on the website you will find a link to an article in Danish about the “no”.

But, stop, what is this? Has the Netherlands changed their mind?

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Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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