Danish help to earthquake victims, a new general prosecutor and Albania in OSCE chair.

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The terrible earthquakes hitting the Tirana – Durres region on November 26. resulting in many dead and injured people was a natural disaster enhanced by human greed and negligence. The reaction of Prime Minister Edi Rama was quick and precise. The people responsible must be prosecuted and the handling of building permits and supervision of construction must be improved.

Albania no doubt needs help to cope with the results of the earthquake. And help is coming from countries, organizations and private people wanting to help

On December 4. a truck filled with medical supply started from Denmark expected to be in Tirana in a few days.








Supplies worth about 200.000 Euro were donated by Danish Global Medical Aid and the truck was financed mainly by Albanians living in Denmark and filled by volunteer supporters of GMA, see top photo. Another shipment is planned.

The Albanian parliament elected new general procecutor

The Parliament on December 5. elected in its plenary sitting the new General Prosecutor out of the three candidates selected by the High Prosecutorial Council (HPC). The new opposition MPs voted in favour of Çela, who tops the list of candidates forwarded by the Parliament by the HPC. The new 44-year-old Chief Prosecutor speaks four languages and has been trained in Europe and the United States on how to fight organized crime.

Albania chairs the OSCE in 2020.

Albania officially assumed the Presidency of the OSCE Presidency for 2020 on December 6. In Bratislava, together with Prime Minister Edi Rama, was the acting Foreign Minister Gent Cakaj. The head of the Albanian government described this as a historic moment and inspiration for Albania. Edi Rama also said that it is a great responsibility to lead this international organization first-hand, but also an extraordinary opportunity to make Albania shine at the forefront of the hard work and special challenges of the OSCE.

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