COVID – 19 in Albania, EU yes to membership negotiations, Plastic bag ban, statistics on polulation and support e.g to the tourism sector.

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I expected this Easter 2020 edition of the newsletter to be filled with pictures of blue sky, blue sea and yellow beaches waiting for tourists from all over the world, but…. ..

the Corona-virus also came to Albania

The situation i Albania as of April 6. 2020.

Deserted boulevard like in the rest of Europe…

Street in Tirana on April 5. 2020

But remember, sooner or later the world will be back to what we called normal normal and…

Finally it happened……!

President of the Republic Ilir Meta published on Friday March 27 a reaction issued by Konrad Adenauer Foundation Albania in regards to the European Union (EU) Council decision to launch membership talks with Albania and North Macedonia. As per the said reaction, Albania should still meet 15 preliminary conditions, which go beyond the ones set forth by the German Bundestag in September 2019, before holding its first intergovernmental conference as part of the membership talks. According to the same source, this was the only way to get the support of skeptical EU member countries. “The latest decision of the EU Council presents us with a clear road map to be followed for achieving the common objective without further wasting more precious, running time,” Meta wrote.

It´s time to invest. Everything you need to know…..

AS membership negotiations are expected to start soon = it´s time to invest. Read on…

The use of plastic bags in Albania will be prohibited by law.

The Council of Ministers has submitted a legislative initiative to the Assembly to amend the 2011 law on integrated waste management, stipulating the use of plastic bags. A law expected to be reviewed and approved by the Assembly prohibits the use, placing on the market, production, import or introduction into the territory of the Republic of Albania of plastic holding bags, light plastic holding bags, very light plastic holding bags and plastic bags. oxo-degradable or oxo-biodegradable holders. As far as deadlines are concerned, all entities must stop within June 1, 2020, the activities of producing, importing and marketing plastic bags.
The legal initiative also provides for penalties for citizens and businesses that may use plastic bags after this deadline. The government points out that plastic bags have a negative impact on the environment from the beginning until the end of their use cycle. Moreover, in the economy the damage caused by plastics is very large, directly affecting tourism,
According to the government, protecting the environment and human health from the consequences of using this product are in its policy of ensuring a clean and healthy environment and promoting sustainable economic development, in particular promoting and developing of the tourism economy and promoting the efficient use of natural resources.

Latest news from INSTAT

For details please click here….Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, said during last weekend that a special financial support package was being worked out by experts as he was speaking. He said that the damages to be suffered by the tourist industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic were still being calculated. “COVID-19 has stopped seasonal tourism. The situation created by the pandemic is actually the second blow being dealt in a short time on this sector, after the earthquake. However, I believe that normalcy will gradually return,” Minister Klosi said. According to him, the government will make sure that the tourist industry turns into the economic sector that actually cures the Albanian economy in the wake of the pandemic.That´s all for now,


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