Earthquake and virus, waiting for the EU decision, entrepreneurship and a great painting!

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Deserted streets, nightly curfew, police and military patrolling and severe fines for breaking the new rules. Like in Denmark the Albanian government has adapted a business relief package. And like in Denmark the opposition and the business organizations are not satisfied. Denmark of course, due to a strong economy, is able do a lot more than what is possible in Albania.

The best help for Albania will be a yes to opening of membership negotiations by the EU Consilium in a few days.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

EU ambassadors on Thursday March 19. made a positive decision on a draft document agreeing the start of accession talks for Albania and North Macedonia. The decision is expected to be confirmed later this month by EU foreign ministers and prime ministers, who are set to convene, probably via video conferences, on March 24 and 26 respectively. Read on….

You can read a summary of the latest internal EU enlargement discussions here!!

Three pictures from an almost totally closed down Albania on Sunday March 22.
The renovated center of Fier

Fier center

Highway to Tirana

An interesting report

12 important findings. Read on…

Painting by Albanian artist Josef Kote.

Let´s close this March edition of the newsletter with a fine portrait “The voice within” (2015) by the Albanian painter Josef Kote. More here…

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Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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