A stunning Albanian music video, tourism – the bright and the dark side, agricultural exports and a lot about investment opportunities.

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The month of August is the Albanian summer holiday month. Sunshine, acceptable temperatures, nice beaches, crystal clear water, fresh sea food, tasty Albanian white- and red wine, a nice cup of coffee and maybe a 40% (or more) raki.

Albanian singer and songwriter Alban Skenderaj wrote this great summer hit “Mirëmëngjes” (good morning). Click and listen. You will love it.  

Over tourism – the dark side of the travel industry.

Over tourism is not only hitting Venice, Barcelona, Copenhagen and even Iceand. Croatia / Dubrovnik (picture) is also on the list. Read about the problematic developments here.

In the ’90s, the word “Albanian tourist” in Greece was something to be joked about but that was dropped based on how many Albanians go to Greece and spend for their vacation.





This is illustrated by data from the poll “Who’s Going Where?” conducted by the Research Institute of the Greek Business Tourism Association (INSETE).

According to data from Bank of Greece on foreign visitors in 2018, Albanians are in 10Th place in terms of visits to Greece, surpassing even Serbs and Turks whose numbers have fallen compared to 2017. In detail, Albanian visits Greece since 2018 have broken the 1 million barrier, up 16.2% (1,121,472 visits). Even greater is the increase in visitors from Albania in 2018 (+ 19%) as 986.6 thousand Albanian citizens visited Greece against 828.7 thousand in 2017. Source: altsantiri.gr

 Albanian agricultural products accessing European markets







Albanian agricultural products are increasingly gaining access to the European markets thanks to improvement of quality as part of agricultural subsidy scheme applied in this sector of economy. Prime Minister Edi Rama visited Besa Agro Invest in the town of Fushë Krujë, one of the biggest fruit-vegetable farms in the country, which is another successful business in agriculture offering high quality production that has contributed to growth of agricultural exports. Read on….

 The Foreign Investors Association of Albania

Read about the activities of the FIAA here.

The Albanian Investment Development Agency

Invest in Albania

Take a look at investment opportunities in Albania here.

Interested in stars – go to Albania!

Photo from Theth in Northern Albania. More here…

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