Employment up, climate fund, NYT in Albania, OSCE on local elections, wages and consonants

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As most Albanians and Danes now are back from holiday, this is the Newsletter No. 122 from the consulate for your reading pleasure.

A positive trend in employment!

Unemployment in the second quarter of this year has dropped to 11,5%. Compared to the previous year, the unemployment rate decreased by 0.9% and decreased by 0.6% compared to the first quarter of this year. Prime Minister Edi Rama has responded to this positive figure. According to Rama, the level of unemployment that has dropped significantly, has been confirmed by international partners.





” WELCOME and with the positive and very encouraging figure, extracted from yesterday’s report of the Institute of Statistics, confirmed by international partners, I wish you a good day,” Rama writes. During April-June, the number of employees increased by 3.4%. According to the INSTAT report, the labor force participation rate for the population aged 15-64 is 69.8%, again increasing compared to a year ago. Work participation is among men, with 77.8% and women with 61.9%.

Call for proposals

The Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment has launched a call for proposals to support projects in Albania funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Read on…

The New Times paid Albania a visit…and was impressed!

Over the past five years, Albania has been discovered by travelers as that rare thing: a largely unexplored corner of Europe (one with some 265 miles of coastline). The small Balkan country sits just across the Adriatic and Ionian seas from Italy’s heel and a mere 45-minute ferry ride away from the Greek island of Corfu. Read on….



In a press conference held on September 6, Acting Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Gent Cakaj commented on the OSCE/ODIHR final report on the 30 June local government elections. According to him, the report’s findings have been misinterpreted by the Democratic Party (DP) and the Socialist Movement for Integration. He said that the report showed that, regardless of being affected by problems, the elections were legitimate and democratic. According to him, the problems affecting the electoral process were caused by the opposition, and the report takes note of this fact being more critical towards the opposition rather than towards the government. Finally, Cakaj called on the opposition to accept the ruling majority’s dialogue offer to address the concerns voiced in the OSCE/ODIHR final report.

Wages Q02 2019

Tirana, 11 September 2019: During the second quarter of 2019, the average gross monthly wage per employee in Albania is 52,645 ALL (= 433 Euro), showing an increase by 4.5 % compared to the same quarter in the last year. Read on…….

4 -2 against Iceland and 1 -4 against France






The Albanian national team beat Iceland 4 – 2 in Elbasan Arena after loosing 1 – 4 against world champion France (not so bad, though) in the EURO 2020 qualification.

Consonants in Europe…








Set of maps showing how selected consonants of the Latin alphabet are pronounced in different European languages and dialects. The map is colored based on the what the majority language or dialect speaks in each area. Some borders might be inaccurate.

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Albanian Honorary Consul

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