EU negotiations: Sweden and Finland, naturally support Albania, Albania will chair the OSCE in 2020, King Zog I and a lot more.

Albanien, Nordmakedonien og EU

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Sweden and Finland support opening of EU membership negotiations with Albania. No arguments at all for Denmark not to do the same. In practice negotiations have started, nobody disagrees that the goal is EU memebership so why not let Albania have the psycological and economic boost of a formalisation. It wont cost the EU one Euro but means a lot to to the applicant!

Macedonia, Albania accession talks – The EU must not disappoint!







Attending the Western Balkan conference in the Polish city of Poznan July 3 – 5 2019 , German Chancellor Angela Merkel sought to reassure North Macedonia and Albania as well as other Balkan states that the EU had a “strategic responsibility” in the region and that she was “optimistic” about accession talks, especially with regard to North Macedonia.
“I look to autumn with optimism,” she told reporters at the conference, referring to the bloc’s commitment to find a starting date for talks with North Macedonia and Albania no later than October. Please read on…

DECISION No. 1/18 OSCE CHAIRMANSHIP IN THE YEAR 2020 The Ministerial Council, Decides that Albania will exercise the function of the OSCE Chairmanship in the year 2020.

Development plans

There are still people in Denmark who are of the opinion that Albania is “undeveloped”. Nothing could be more wrong. If in doubt take a look on the plans in the very detailled webpage

The IMF says :

The IMF on Albania July 2019. Read on…

Albania once was a monarchy:

Read about the interesting history of Albania as a monarchy and about King Zog I.

The two BUNKART museums a great success.

Bunk’Art 2, through the anti-atomic bunker of the Interior Ministry, built on dictatorship, confesses the paranoia of leadership of that era, to a possible war. If that were the case, in the object known as the “column object” encoded, the governors would be sheltered. This museum sheds light over that period through information exposed about the Albanian police of the times, prisons, labor camps, or even the victims of communism.

Whereas, Bunk’Art 1, located near the Dajti Mountain, contains the anti-atomic bunker of the Albanian Army in communism. In the museum you can go through 100 rooms that were used for military purposes, and certainly thought of as possible government housing of that time, if the atomic war one day would happen. Two museums are symbolic objects constructed by the Rama government to confess the inhumane torture and suffering that thousands of people suffered during one of the wildest dictatorships of human history. Clic on picture or here to watch video.

University of Sydney report on elections.

The EIP 2019 report rates Denmark as no. 1. Albania is rated on a level with Hungary and better than e.g. Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.  Find the rating of Albania here.. ..

Baskim Zano Ahmeti: Tribeca (Lower Manhatten).

More about the Albanian Painter Baskim Zano here… 

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