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The Letter From The Consulate

No. 157.
Gentofte/Copenhagen, Wednesday 31. March 2021
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Dear reader,

The general elections to Kuvendi (the Albanian parliament) on April 25 are closing in. The PS government led by Prime Minister Edi Rama is campaigning for a third term. As you can see from the latest survey of 17. March 2021 it looks like they will succeed.

An interesting analyses

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No EU import tax on Albanian fruit until 2025.

Breaking: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC about Albania
You can read the interesting article by clicking here.

Wellness in Albania!

As the pandemic put the spotlight on good health and self-care it’s no wonder that the medical aesthetic market saw a boom in many countries. COVID-19 provided perfect timing for those who needed treatments that could be easily hidden behind face masks. Many adults who felt uncom-fortable wearing braces took advantage of face masks to start orthodontic treatments. Meanwhile, others took different approaches to beauty trends’ consumption and self-care. (IIA). Read on….

That´s all for now,

Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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