Opinion poll on election 2021, a Danish statement, WB and the EU, WB and legal cannabis and MEFA Cakaj in Copenhagen.

The Letter From The Consulate

No. 151.
Gentofte/Copenhagen, Tuesday 22. December 2020

Dear reader,

With the first opinion polls from Italian Institute Piepoli (9.12.2020) we wish all readers happy holidays and a prosperous 2021.

Which party would Albanians vote for on April 25 2021 nationally? 

Which politician do you prefer?

86 % of Albanians declare that they will vote on April 25. 2021!

The people of the Western Balkans more pro EU than the EU population

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Excerpt from an interview on December 19. 2020 in Berlingske Tidende by the Liberal Chairman Jacob Ellemann-Jensen:

“Earlier this year, when he (Jacob Ellemann – Jensen) criticized the government’s EU course in a broad sense, strikingly much focus was on  Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s (S) limited desire to discuss future accession negotiations with ex-Yugoslav North Macedonia and the the Balkan country Albania.
One might think that the question of Albania and northern Macedonia’s very future affiliation with the Union was a minor detail?
»For many, it is a minor detail, and it is also seen in the big picture. When it fills something for me, it is of course because of my background, “says the Liberal chairman.
“Those countries will not join the EU tomorrow or in ten years’ time. But if you remove the perspective from them, you remove all hope – and then you remove their focus to the west. Then they turn east (towards Putin’s Russia, ed.), “He adds:

»If you look at many of the refugees who came to Denmark in the 1990s from the former Yugoslav countries, it is people who have a Western way of living and thinking. These are people who have become super well integrated very quickly. It shows that we have something in common, and it just illustrates to me that there is something to work with”.
(Mr. Ellemann-Jensen was a Danish officer in Bosnia in 1995).

Like the plant itself, the legal cannabis industry has been growing higher and faster in major markets that were quick enough to tap into a debated business with a multi-billion dollar potential.

Read about the legal cannabis industry in the Balkans here.

Gent Cakaj in Copenhagen.

Albanian acting Minister of European and Foreign Affairs  Gent Cakaj briefly visited Copenhagen on December 17. to take part in a OSCE meeting.

That´s all for now,

Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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