Meeting about Albanian export in Copenhagen on August 18. 2022

The Letter From The Consulate

No. 188.

Gentofte/Copenhagen, Monday 22 August 2022

Dear reader,

While we all are waiting for massive rain for the fields, the rivers, the lakes and our garden you might be interested in reading the short report below.

DAF – The Danish – Albanian Association – Meeting about Albanian export!

On August 18. 2022 17.00 – 19.30 DAF organised a meeting about export from Albania to Denmark and Scandinavia in Copenhagen (Gentofte Head Library).


How to increase much needed trade between Albania and Denmark?

1. Welcome and briefing by DAF’s chairman HC Hans-Georg Nielsen

2. Denmark in the Western Balkans – opportunities and problems.
The Danish Trade Council – Croatia / Slovenia / Albania / Kosovo (Via web link from Zagreb) by Mr. Zarko Masanovic, Head of Trade Department

3. Two concrete suggestions on what is needed:

How to increase imports? Dhimiter Zaka, wholesaler in Copenhagen, La Mia Scampa

How to increase exports? Hans-Georg Nielsen, chairman of DAF

Break / networking.

4. Panel discussion about Albanian exports. The panel consisted of:

– Karsten Ankjær Jensen, former Danish Ambassador to Tirana,
– John Aagaard, former export manager in SMVdanmark
– Helge Andersen, CEO Solarpark A/S

5. Summary and the next steps: Hans-Georg Nielsen

6. Conclusion and thanks for today by Albania’s Ambassador Elida Petoshati

Ambassador Elida Petoshati and DAF chairman Hans-Georg Nielsen thanked all participants taking part in the meeting and pointed to the need for a follow up meeting and for creating a DAF working group to analyse all existing barriers for increased Albanian export to Denmark.

The full minutes of the meeting will be published soon.

You can watch / download a catalogue of mainly Albanian agricultural products published by AIDA by clicking on the picure or here.

Footwear and clothing export up.
Albanian exports in July dropped, but this decline did not include all sectors of the economy. The manufacturing and the sale of footwear and clothing was up by 6% making the textile industry the top contributor in terms of exports.
According to representatives of this sector, developments in Eastern Europe have had an impact on this growth. July was the best month for the textile industry, also due to the rising prices.
The latest data released by the office for statistics, INSTAT, suggest that sales of footwear and clothing amounted to 12.1 billion Leks, which is more than in 2019, considered to be the best year for this sector.

That´s all for now,


Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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